Who has all the Power?

Today’s buyer is far more discerning and asks more sophisticated questions than ever.  The market is tougher and more competitive than ever … and that’s great! If you have a great product or service, can master getting your message out there and can overcome the buyer’s fear,  you will sell.

Quality, integrity and honesty are key to success in sales.  The proof of the pudding as they say (not sure who they are but they seem wise!) is in the eating so:

3 questions to ask yourself

  1. How can I prove the quality of my product or service?
  2. How can I show my/our integrity?
  3. How does a buyer know they can believe and trust me/us?

Buyers have all the choice and power but it pays to remember that everyone buys something at some point and if they need it they will buy it somewhere.

What will make them choose you?