Where’s Dawn?

Find Dawn on twitter!
A north Wales businesswoman is planning a very special weekly competition for Olympic twitter enthusiasts. Dawn Roberts, MD of Outperform Training in Abergele, is inviting all her twitter fans to find her on line from Friday June 1st.

Each week Dawn will be hidden somewhere in Wales, or the north west carrying an Olympic torch and regular teasers with clues will be tweeted.

Dawn, whose company specialises in helping sales teams and businesses has run a very successful business for five years and is the current Businesswoman of the Year in the Free2Network awards.

She recently held a major event aimed at helping businesses to survive the recession and the GROW 2012 event at Venue Cymru, Llandudno attracted almost 100 business people.

She said: “We had a live twitter feed at the event and many of the delegates were contributing via their phones so I thought I would do something fun that also highlighted and celebrated some of the lovely places we have locally and in keeping with the Olympic spirit. It will also give local businesses a profile boost.

“I will be visiting somewhere, carrying the torch and then we will send out clues and hopefully I will be found. The clues will also be posted on facebook so anyone that missed the twitter clues can catch up.

“The winner will be retweeted as our Person or Business of the Week and will also get a mention on Facebook”