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I travel over 100 miles to attend Outperform workshops, the delivery of the courses are relaxed and easy to understand which for me has meant I can go back to the office and take immediate action. I have previously attended courses which have been days long and cost in excess of £1500, but from attending just 3 of the half day workshops I have already seen results not just in my approach but in my client conversions.
The workshops have highlighted planning strategies and how to utilise and extract the most from my working day. I am now gaining the benefits in my sales with my approach to handling customers, recognising how buyers differ and working to a positive outcome. I cannot emphasise how much I have achieved from attending Outperform courses over such a short period of time and I look forward to gaining advice and honing my skills on future courses.
Dave Evans – Carl Kammerling International

Having recently started up a new business I have found Outperform’s sales workshops to be an invaluable source of information and advice. In every one of the five workshops I attended, I learnt new techniques. Most importantly the workshops showed me the value of analysing how I conduct my sales. This has enabled me to improve every step of my sales process, right from basic sales and marketing strategy through to closing a sale.
The workshops were conducted in a very friendly but focused atmosphere, and they enjoyed a great mix of participants with varying levels of experience and industry backgrounds. Finally, the funding which I received to attend the courses was a massive help, and I came away with the knowledge that I had received exceptional value for money.
Owen Dawson – Artisan Foods

Within just 24 hours of the training I put my new skills to the test and was amazed by the results.
Sian Williams – Supertemps

I am delighted with the sales course programme which I have attended, I found it very refreshing compared to other sales courses. It has made me change the way I look at the sale and view myself as a sales person.
Carly Jones – ISC Wales

Customers for Life was out of this world, yet simple and made perfect sense. Already implemented the main points of the course and have seen improvements in the quality of the calls being made by the team.
Dawn Humphreys – CCI Legal

Outperform not only boosted our staffs confidence in delivering sales but gave them the tools to deliver better sales figures. Their approach to our concerns were met with first class professionalism, and I would endorse this to any future company
Dixie McNeil – Welsh Air Ambulance

The workshops have enabled me to improve every step of my sales process, right from basic sales and marketing strategy through to closing a sale.
Owen Dawson – Artisan Foods

Very happy with the training and I would attend again.
Patrick Harte – CCI Legal

A very good relaxed workshop delivery, was to the point and very informative.
CCI Legal – Nicklaas Broderick

The team came back motivated, all my objectives were met. They all like the content and structure and found it very refreshing.
Ben Still – Board Link

The course was really helpful and I will recommend it to others / take part in other courses by outperform
Hayley Stockman – Alcontrol

As soon as she (Dawn) said ‘No role play’ or standing up and telling us your name, this made me feel relaxed and ready to learn. Brilliant, wish all courses were like this!
Debbie Dalton – Pace Telecom

Thank you Dawn, Very thought provoking and entertaining.
Denise Oliver – Rethink & Do

It was a pleasure to work with Dawn and Rachel. I would strongly recommend Outperform Services to everyone wanting to improve their business.
Marcela Wasser – Peter Shone Sales

Enjoyed it more than I thought I would (No role Play!) Made me far more aware and looked at things differently.
Karen Wells – People Planner

This course really has built my confidence and provided me with the tools & key tips to Banish Buyer Fears! ☺ Thank you ☺
Danielle Thomas – Supertemps

Very good course to refresh and renew existing skills
Lee Cunliffe – Safety Media

Great techniques I can actually apply in my role, looking forward to giving it a try!
Michelle Fellowes – Clancy Connection

Again really enjoyed today’s course. It made me feel more aware of my customers and how to approach them better.
Karen Wells – People Planner

Although my role is not in sales/marketing I found it fantastic and Dawn and Rachel were brilliant and the course was comfortable and memorable, Thank you both!!
Natalie Scott – CCI Legal

After attending ‘Give Cold Calling the Boot’ I have used online and client meeting campaigns to warm clients and have doubled my GP. Today has given me a greater understanding of how to utilise our USP to grab attention and demonstrate the benefits and how it affects/helps the client
Danielle Thomas – Supertemps

Fantastic, intelligent and relevant training. Many thanks
Jennifer Tod – Supertemps

Really well delivered, lots of good useful information which I will be using on a personal & business level
Sara Worthington – Sevenways

Always great – Dawn is very real with examples and links to real life normal situations making it all very applicable to everyone’s situation
Rachel Reece – Comtek

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