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Can you feel the buying FEAR


There is an element of fear in every sale for the buyer. You know what it is like; remember when you booked a holiday or bought a new laptop?

We ask ourselves…
Have I got the best deal?
Is this exactly what I need and want?
Will it last?
Is the quality assured?
Can I get it cheaper or better somewhere else?
Have I paid more than other people?

At some point we have all paid too much or bought the wrong thing. It is this memory that makes us apprehensive every time we buy. If we notice these little niggling doubts in ourselves, we can better understand the fear all buyers have.

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Sustainability & Your Business – Course Overview

To ensure your business can cope with future challenges and opportunities, today’s business leaders need to be aware that old managerial styles based on financial assessment alone are no longer enough.

To future-enable an organisation you need to operate on the principles of the triple bottom line – bringing together financial, environment and social aspects to build a more stable and profitable business. The Sustainability & Your Business Course offers benefits to business by using the triple bottom line approach including: Continue reading

Managing Disciplinaries – Course Overview

This course will give you the skills and confidence to tackle a disciplinary, reducing your stress, saving you time and ultimately money.  You will leave the course with the key tools and materials to manage future disciplinary hearings, from a day packed full of practical exercises and tops tips from practitioners who have successfully managed disciplinary. Continue reading

Complete Social Media Toolkit – Course overview

This course is designed to take you step by step through the reasons why Social Media is critical to your marketing strategy and how to set yourself up correctly, compliantly, and effectively.  You will leave this course knowing the right way to set up your Social Media profiles and how to reach out to and engage with the right audience for your business. Continue reading

Mastering Telesales & Coldcalling – Course Overview

Do you generate leads appointments and/or close sales on the telephone? If you do then this course is will improve your success rate and increase your confidence.  The number one reason businesses do not succeed is lack of sales. Therefore, mastering sales and selling is essential to your business for survival and growth. Continue reading