Sustainability & Your Business – Course Overview

To ensure your business can cope with future challenges and opportunities, today’s business leaders need to be aware that old managerial styles based on financial assessment alone are no longer enough.

To future-enable an organisation you need to operate on the principles of the triple bottom line – bringing together financial, environment and social aspects to build a more stable and profitable business. The Sustainability & Your Business Course offers benefits to business by using the triple bottom line approach including:

  1. Reduced recruitment costs
  2. Improved retention of the employees of most benefit to you
  3. Increased productivity
  4. Reduced production costs
  5. Reduced expenses
  6. Increased revenue and market share
  7. Reduced risk
  8. Positive public relations

The course is designed for owners, directors, senior and middle managers with strategic responsibilities in micro, small and medium sized businesses. It is challenging and may be controversial at times. Attendees are expected to participate in analysing current business practice, recognising areas they have not considered before, and to question if current practice will ensure their business’s future success or survival.

This one day workshop will help you develop new working practices by:

  • Defining the triple bottom line
  • Recognising the benefits specific to your business
  • Analysing current business practice
  • Recognising and considering changes your business could make towards more sustainable working
  • Planning how to make changes to your business