Stop Buying Customer Service Training

Over the years I have run various customer services courses and as there was a demand for it, I supplied it. I rarely ran them as open courses because I wanted to ‘vet’ the companies to make sure they were ready for the training. The truth is that customer service ‘training’ is the last step for your organisation to take if you truly want to be customer centred (and then in the end you may not actually need it!).

Many call this process I’m talking about ‘Creating a Customer Culture’ and that in essence is what it is. I prefer to call it making customer care part of your DNA – where it drives your people instinctively, rather than you having to inspire it in them with initiative after initiative!

I’m including your sales and marketing functions in this too as from the customer’s prospective it is all service to them. And I’m also including internal customers because in business everyone who isn’t you is a customer. So that’s pretty much your whole organisation!

We all know the practical tools we get with customer service training, we have seen them often enough. They include things like, listening skills, resolving issues effectively and going the extra mile but as customers ourselves we know what this is because it’s what we crave when we buy. So, do we really need those tools explaining to us or do we need a big solid reason to WANT to give that level of service to customers?

When it comes to getting your people ‘Customer Centred’ the key isn’t in piling tools on top of their heads, it’s in getting the desire to WANT TO under their skin.

Give your people a big enough WHY and they will take care of the HOW themselves.   This will change mindsets and create a culture where all the decisions and discussions are centred on your customers. That will guarantee your success and growth, as the number one purpose of ANY business is to find and keep customers and customer centred businesses act like magnets to customers.


Think of the companies and brands you are loyal to and why (I’m guessing that the reason you keep giving them your money and allegiance is because of the way they treat you and make you feel as much as it is the product or service they provide)

Ask your people individually to describe customers in 3 words (this will give you an idea of how much they value customers and understand their worth)

Consider what you tell new employees about your aims in respect of customer care. (Is it made clear to them how you want customers to feel when they deal with your company?)

Serve to sell!