Set Yourself Apart from your Competitors – 3 activities

In this competitive market you have to keep one step ahead. Today’s buyer is faced with so much choice and variety it can become overwhelming. It is essential that the buyer quickly realises that you are the right choice and that your product or service is better than that of your competitor. Watching your closest competitors (you know who they are and so does your buyer!) and providing comparisons for any potential customer is key.

If the buyer cannot see a clear distinction in your offering they won’t be compelled to buy from you. Setting yourself apart from your nearest competitor, showcasing your products and services and banishing buying fears will help you to sell to more quickly and easily than ever before.


  • Choose your 3 nearest competitors and find out how you compare like for like
  • Ensure your marketing material appeals to all buyer types and their needs, goals and problems
  • Uncover your buyers biggest fears and deal with them before they arise

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