Half Day Sales Training

Think about how you buy and what is important to you. Fancy sales techniques probably don’t work on you and they won’t work on your customers either. So we don’t teach them.

In order for any of us to feel comfortable enough to buy we need to have lots of desire and no fear. So, that’s what we help you to you concentrate on when promoting your product or service.

We help you to understand what it is about your product or service that people would love and help you articulate that to your customer by looking at your products and services through your customers eyes.
You will understand what makes them tick and how they make buying decisions or what stops them from buying. This information is essential to your marketing and sales approach.

Giving your Sales a Superboost doesn’t take long,
in fact it takes us just half a day.

We help you make your product extremely desirable and eliminate the fear associated with it. We leave you with all the tools and knowledge and you manage and control it from there.

Seems simple? That’s because it is.

Some popular questions about what we do

What will it give me? The half day session gives you the opportunity to get really up close and personal with your offering and what would make people want to buy it. You can use this information in your marketing material, on your website or in your sales conversations. It can be used anywhere you use to attract buyers.

Is this right for me? We help companies of all sizes that want to give a great sales and service experience to their customers without being too salesy! We also help companies that don’t have the time and budgets for long winded sales training courses and programmes. We work with ethical companies that have a good offering and want help to get the right message to the customers.

How can you do this in just half a day? Understanding the essential elements to make your product or service attractive doesn’t take long. You already have great experience as buyer’s yourselves. We just tap into that knowledge and your own product knowledge and help you understand the key elements. We then leave you with the tools to get your message out there.

How many people do I need for the session? We deliver this session in house for your team.  We can do a morning session or even a working lunch if you prefer. We don’t recommend afternoon sessions where possible, as fresh minds are best. If you haven’t got a team, then you are not alone. We have other clients that attend our open course online session.

Can I speak to someone and get more information? Of course you can. You can contact us by your preferred method and we’ll be happy to discuss any aspect with you. Alternatively, register your interest below.

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