CD: Banish Buyer Fears

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Includes CD and all worksheets
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Preventing and overcoming objections (even silent ones) is the part of the sales process that requires the most skill; poor objection handling can kill a sale. Successful salespeople use objections to their advantage and can even close a sale on an objection.
This CD will give you the tools and skills to be able overcome even the most stubborn of objections including those about price and competitors.
This CD will be show you how to:

  • Use the 3 stage objection handling technique
  • Differentiate between a true objection and a ‘brush off’ objection
  • Overcome price objections such as – ‘it’s too expensive’ and ‘ I can’t afford it’
  • Sell against lower priced competitors
  • Close sales on objections

This CD is ideal for people who promote their products services over the phone, face to face, through email and social media or other forms of marketing.