Meet the Outperform Team

Our Team

Dawn Roberts
Managing Director and Principal Trainer

Official Blurb
A qualified Trainer, Coach and Senior Manager, Dawn has worked in the field of Customer Service and Sales for many years including for the UK’s Market Leading Healthcare Provider operating at all levels. This culminated in the role of National Training Manager for a workforce of 700+ across 3 sites. Her dedication and passion for the customer inspires her innovative training and management solutions.

Dawn has a holistic approach to management and training, utilising her many years of experience to devise appropriate solutions. Valued as someone who approaches every task with a commitment to quality outputs, Dawn ensures on-time delivery to her customer. She displays energy, drive and passion in abundance and people that work with her can’t help being affected by her positive and motivating manner. She has a fast creative mind and is recognised for solutions that add value to any business.

Dawn and her team of Consultants design and deliver Management, Training and Coaching solutions for leading Retail, Insurance and Service Providers nationwide.

Unofficial Blurb (what you really want to know!)
Working with Dawn is like working with a whirlwind. Lots of fun and high energy but can distract others (this also appeared on her school report). She works hard and plays hard and is only truly happy when she has her finger in many pies or shoe shopping.

Favourite Motto
There is always a way you just haven’t found it yet.

Rachel Jones
Head of Sales & Training

Official Blurb
Rachel has an extensive Sales Management background across several sectors including Travel and Recruitment. Rachel’s experience in these very competitive Industries enables her to quickly gain an understanding of Company processes, required achievements and market competition. Rachel has a proven track record of motivating Sales and Service Teams and utilises this experience to guide and support teams to achieve and exceed their targets and objectives.

Unofficial Blurb
Rachel is the most cheerful and smiley person you will ever meet. Loves people, life and her job and it shows. Rachel is the loudest person on the phone (and the planet) and the more excited she gets the louder she gets. Works hard and plays hard too (usually with Dawn). Also a fellow shoe addict.

Favourite Motto
Just do it, what’s the worst that could happen?

Jodie Vaughan
Operations and Training Manager 

Official Blurb
From managing all things funded to co-ordinating our marketing messages, Jodie is the glue that holds Outperform together. As Rachel’s right hand woman and named contact for our training delegates, Jodie’s organisational and prioritisation skills are second to none. Her customer service skills and natural care and empathy for our clients ensures they receive the level of service they expect and deserve.

Unofficial Blurb
Jodie kicks us all in to shape ensuring we have what we need, when we need it. She likes to get tasks off her list so will pester us until she gets what she needs. She gets things done. Jodie is not so great at making tea though (we think this may be on purpose)!

Josh Morris
Media Manager

Official Blurb
Josh is responsible for designing and editing all our media products. He also keeps our systems up to date and in full working order. Josh ensures our systems and our people work together effectively, resulting in a great experience for the customer.

Unofficial Blurb
Josh calls himself our resident geek. He loves a techy challenge and we make sure we keep him well supplied with them. He also makes a mean cup of tea much to his dismay!

Elli Farrell
Operations Manager

Elli is responsible for our systems and processes as well as funding and quality. With a strong background in Quality Management Elli keeps us all in check!

Unofficial Blurb
Razor sharp wit and a stickler for detail which means Rachel and Dawn are often in her bad books as they are not big on protocol and sticking to the rules. Gets excited on stationery order day, excessive hoarder of pens and has no interest in shoes. When Rachel and Dawn are having one of their creative sessions she retreats to her office and firmly closes the door.

Favourite Motto
Look in the process folder. If it’s not in there it’s not happening.

Management Consultant Team

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of experienced and qualified Senior Managers with proven track records for achieving results. Their careers working with blue chip companies have provided them with the skills needed to manage and grow any business.

Sales Consultant Team

Our dedicated Sales Team work within our Telecentre and consist of experienced and qualified Sales Consultants from various Industries. The Telecentre staff are skilled in generating business and market research.

Expert Trainers

Our team of expert trainers are personally selected and trained by Dawn and Rachel. All our trainers are practitioners. Our Sales Trainers sell and close deals and our Management Trainers manage people and processes. We walk the walk as well as talk the talk!