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I want to enhance the customer experience

I want to turn customers into advocates

Can I sell by giving great service?

Can I get help achieving Investors in People?

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I want to overcome buyer reluctance and fear

I want to keep customers and get more ‘word of mouth’ referrals

I want to create punchy marketing material

I don’t want to lower my price to get the sale

I want to win business from my competitors

I want to deliver memorable presentations engaging the whole audience

I’m new to selling and want to understand how the whole sales process works

I need to train other people

I am a start up business and need to grow a client base

I want to create a structured sales activity plan

I want to update my sales skills

I want to take time out of the business to work on my sales activity

I have specific training needs and want in-house training

Use our Tailored Training service

I want to drive sales to me

I’m a manager and want to support my team to succeed and achieve their goals

I want to market via LinkedIn and reach decision makers

I’m a start up, what’s best for me

I want to be able to track my sales and stock and identify trends

I want to understand how to use Excel spreadsheets properly

I would like to increase my value per sale

How can I up and across sell?

I need elements from several courses and subjects

I want to create a customer centred culture in my organisation

I want to enhance the experience for my customers

I want to develop a reputation for giving spectacular service