The Ultimate Customer Experience

It doesn’t matter if your mission vision and values are written down and displayed or if you just know them or even if you have never formalised them in anyway the key to delivering the ultimate customer service is translating your vision and values into your customer offering and showing how each team member contributes throughout the customer life-cycle.

Linking your company Mission, Vision and Values to the way you deal with people and making customer care part of your DNA will make you a magnet to customers.

This one day highly motivating and inspiring course is perfect if you want to:

  • Communicate your values to customers
  • Make customer care seamless and consistent
  • Place customers at the heart of everything you do
  • Sell through service
  • Turn your customers into advocates
  • Strengthen your brand

This course is specifically designed for teams and organisations therefore we offer one price for unlimited delegates*
If you are interested in attending and are a micro business or sole trader then contact us for details of our open course.

We believe that everyone responsible in your company for providing service to a customer (internal or external) needs to adopt the same approach for it to work. That’s why we don’t charge per delegate so you can include all of your team for the whole lifecycle.

*Unlimited delegates per day, additional days at an additional cost