Sales Toolkit

3 essential elements of Sales and Marketing in just 1 day

Showcasing your Products and Services

Whether you want to create attention grabbing marketing material, compose a killer email or build desire during a conversation this course will help you understand how to showcase your products and/or services in the best light by any method.

The course covers many aspects including:

  • How to instantly grab your existing and potential customers attention
  • Gain insight into building desire for your product/service
  • Learn how to identify different buyers and their needs
  • Understand key buying benefits and how to use them

Beating Competitors

In this competitive market you have to keep one step ahead. Today’s buyer is faced with so much choice and variety it can become overwhelming. It is essential that the buyer quickly realises that you are the right choice and that your product or service is better than that of your competitor.

Learn how to:

  • Identify your buyers’ 4 options when buying
  • Diminish your competitors power
  • Set yourself apart from others in your industry/sector
  • Tempt buyers away from your competitors

Banish Buyer Fears

Preventing and overcoming objections is the part of the sales process that requires the most skill; poor objection handling can kill a sale.

Learn how to:

  • Overcome objections such as – ‘it’s too expensive’ and ‘I can’t afford it’
  • Differentiate between a true objection and a ‘brush off’ objection
  • Deal with objections BEFORE they arise