Give Cold Calling the Boot

Course purpose

Cold calling is an outdated and unwelcome way to promote your products and services. The successful sales person drives sales to them rather than chasing sales. Why do some salespeople still cold call? Because they don’t always know what else to do! This course will show you many tools, techniques and examples as an alternative to cold calling and you can choose which ones suit your style, product and business best.

This 1 day course will help you to:

  • Understand why cold calling doesn’t work and why it damages your credibility
  • Discover the techniques successful companies use instead of cold calling
  • Identify the difference between prospecting and selling in today’s market
  • Learn how to become a self-marketer
  • Drive clients to you instead of chasing them

Who can attend?

Anyone responsible for finding new customers and business development such as- sales and/or marketing team members, managers, business development consultants, start-up and pre start-up businesses, SME’s and sole traders.