Excel Made Easy

Course overview

In this fast paced competitive world, understanding and analysing your figures (to help you act and react quickly) is more important than ever. Understanding things like production trends or which of your customer orders and increasing or decreasing; and where to make improvements, can all help with the smooth running and target achievement of your team or business. These are all things that Excel can do with just a little understanding of how it works.

During this half day workshop we will show you how to:

  • Use Microsoft Excel to enable you to create simple calculations to display orders, products, best sellers, cash flow, profit margins, top performers etc.
  • Use Microsoft Excel to calculate numbers like production costs, profit margin, cash flow and more — without needing to punch numbers wildly on the calculator or scribble on a piece of a paper.
  • Track stock, activity and/or sales using Excel on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Compare progress over time and spot upward or downward trends as they occur.
  • Find your average, highest and lowest figures.
  • Use Excel’s features to calculate your goals and effectively track your team/dept/company’s performance.
  • Analyse information by product groups, post codes, customer names etc.  Separating information into their individual parts – allowing you to analyse information more simply.
  • Use a simple calculation to bring together individual parts of information from two separate columns without having to retype
  • Tidy up and move your data around without retyping or losing it!

Who can attend?

This course is aimed at anyone who uses (or wants to create) Excel Spreadsheets to manage large lists of information.  It will enable you to create and understand reports quickly without spending hours with your calculator or referring to multiple documents.

The skills learned will be invaluable to anyone responsible for recording and tracking customer or business information such as, production team members, customer service professionals; team leaders or managers; sales team members; business development consultants; start up and pre start-up businesses, SME’s and sole traders.