Creating Spectacular Service

Course overview

Customers are very discerning and have high expectations of service. They judge a company on 3 things – Service, Quality and Price. Poor or even average service is the number 1 reason customers WILL switch their business. Giving great service can give you the competitive edge and is worth investing in.

The only way to be truly and consistently successful at selling is to adopt a serve mentality.
When you focus on how you are going to SELL then you are concentrating on your needs and desires. When you focus on how you can SERVE (show love to the customer) then you are concentrating on the customer’s needs and desires.

During this 1 day course you will:

  • Discover the secrets of giving SPECTACULAR service
  • Create tools to implement, monitor and manage excellent service
  • Understand why customer satisfaction surveys are ineffective and what to do instead
  • Use feedback for continuous improvement and attract new customers
  • Learn how to deliver a service that will set you apart from your competitors
  • Unlock the secrets to increasing customer satisfaction

Who can attend?

Anyone who responsible for customer satisfaction and providing customer service such as customer service professionals, team leaders and managers, sales team members, business development consultants, start-up and pre start-up businesses, SME’s and sole traders