Create a Sales Campaign for 2015

Course purpose

This course is designed to help you create and manage your sales activity for both existing customers and new business. Knowing what you have in the pipeline and how to move it forwards helps with cash flow and business growth giving you peace of mind, increased motivation and a clear sense of activity and action.

This half day course will help you:

  • Understand how to create a qualified New Business list (even from scratch)
  • Maximise sales with existing customers (business development)
  • Consider sales in all 4 quadrants (even if you don’t know what they are)
  • Understand how to structure your week (whether you sell all week or not)
  • Bring diversity to your role and keep you motivated
  • Devise a warm up campaign for new business
  • Create an easy to follow sales and marketing campaign

Who can attend?

Anyone responsible for finding new customers and existing business development such as – Sales Team Members, Sales Managers, Business Development Consultants, Start-ups and Pre Start-ups, Business Owners SME’s and Sole Traders