Attracting New Customers Masterclass

90 Minute Masterclass SeriesBuyers buy when they see a direct link between a need, goal or problem they have and your product or service. They will buy from YOU specifically if they feel confident you are better than your nearest competitors

Where there is desire there can be a sale. When you don’t grab attention and build desire there is no sale or the buyer chooses someone else.

Knowing you are the best option is not enough.
You need to be able to get that message across to your customers.

In this 90 Minute Masterclass you will learn how to:

• Grab attention and directly link your product or service to desire
• Show buyers how you are better than your competitors
• Deal with the fear of buyer remorse
• Understand the difference value makes between ability and willingness to pay

This workshop is being delivered by Dawn Roberts, award winning Managing Director and Principal Trainer of Outperform Services. (Formerly National Training Manager for BUPA).