Objection overruled!

Many sales are lost needlessly by salespeople that don’t know how to get over the first hurdle and end up giving in too quickly. This hurdle (and the others that follow) is usually an objection from the buyer about your product or service.  In other words it’s a NO of some sort.

Take 3 steps

  1. Acknowledge
  2. Question
  3. Handle

Question the objection so you know exactly what the barrier is. Use phrases like ‘how do you mean, exactly?’ This eliminates any confusion and you don’t wind up answering a different objection completely.

Tease and ease

Many (very successful) salespeople know the objections that their products and services can raise and they raise and eliminate them first. You need to tease and ease any objections from your buyer as unresolved concerns can lead to cancelled appointments and even orders after the sale.

Deafening silence

You can’t deal with silent objections so you need to tease out any reluctance. I have even asked the question ‘What silent reservations do you have about this?’ in the past which can draw out even the most hidden objections.

Smoke gets in your eyes

Don’t be blinded by smokescreen objections. These are false knee jerk objections and are things like ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘I haven’t got time’. Handle these by using questions like ‘Just suppose you could afford it would you be interested?’ If you get a yes then it’s a real objection and needs dealing with. If the question draws out another objection then it was smoke screen or false objection.

From here to eternity

A no usually means ‘not now’ and rarely means ‘not ever’. Climates, buying patterns and needs are constantly changing so don’t think because you were unsuccessful once you will always be. I have converted many NO’s’ into YES’s by revisiting the sale at a later date.

Happy Selling!