Kidpreneurs – Little People Big Ideas!

My ramblings this week are about one of the most enjoyable events I have ever attended and that’s a big statement to make about some of the smallest people.

My work with the employed has highlighted that some of the delegates at my free workshops had unemployed futures ingrained in them from an early age with some owning title of third generation unemployed within their family. I know if I am going to make a difference to the unemployed statistic in North Wales I will have to get ‘em early!

With constant references to ‘no jobs out there’ and ‘it’s too expensive to go to university’ we have to make children aware there are other options. That’s why I have been working with a local primary school to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in children aged as young as 7 and I have been astounded by the results.

Pupils at Ysgol Y Faenol in Bodelwyddan North Wales (pictured above) have taken part in a project to get them thinking about business ideas and creating simple business plans. The kidpreneurs led by their devoted teacher Vanessa Jones came up with ideas such as poster creation from the Poster People and had a team of environmentally focused youngsters who remove rubbish from caravan sites where there is no council collection called The Garbage Gang. We also had ‘pitches’ from the adorable Cupcake Stars and the hilarious Masters of Mowing ‘we mow your grass if you’re old!’. With elements including market research, business cards, USP’s, adverts and jingles they had nailed every aspect of launching a new product and their efforts brought a tear to mine and Rachel’s eyes.

As the song says, I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way! I believe that means business and sales skills too!

Dawn X

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