Have you got double standards when it comes to buying and selling?

When salespeople tell me they are still cold calling I ask them ‘When did you last buy from a cold call?’ Almost all say never!

If they want training on how to get passed gatekeepers I ask them ‘How would you feel if someone tricked their way passed your gatekeeper? Would you want to build rapport and buy from them?’ Guess how they answer that one!

We have a wealth of knowledge about how people buy because we all buy stuff all the time. If a fancy sales trick doesn’t work on you then it probably won’t work on anyone like you.

For you to buy anything at all, you need to be full of desire and free from fear and if you’re not, then you don’t buy. If your product or service is fairly priced and solves problems or meets needs, then you WILL sell it if you know how.


  • Find out how people would buy from you by asking those who already have. Ask your existing customers what made them buy.
  • Ask friends and family what turns them on and off when it comes to sales. Are you still using outdated and annoying sales techniques?
  • Think about purchases you have made. How were you sold to? What did it feel like? What impressed you and what turned you off?

The answers are all around you if you look outside of your current methods and see how people (including you) are really buying.

Get curious!