At last a FREE event worth attending!


If like us you have attended your fair share of business events in your time then you will have aimlessly wandered around all the stands, eating their chocolates and come away with a bag full of leaflets (which then hang around your office or house for a month until you finally bin them and keep the bag – well it’s worth 5p now isn’t it!)

Sound familiar?

Well we think it’s time for something more!

Imagine if you could have…

  • Stands that are relevant to growing your business and give away FREE tips and tools that actually work
  • Stand holders that are there to answer your questions and give advice rather than sell
  • FREE workshops that you would be happy to pay for (they are that valuable and helpful)
  • The opportunity to ask industry experts a question of your choice and get the answer for FREE without a sales pitch or having to buy anything
  • A motivating and inspiring day with people like you that want to succeed and grow
  • Access to information on funding that you may be eligible for and other support and opportunities to help your business to grow
  • FREE guide to help you MAXIMISE your visit to the event
  • Specially negotiated deals with stand holders for their services if you want them
    (if you have been on our negotiating courses then you know we can strike great deals!)

Fancy attending an event like that?

Well now you can with our FREE Growth Spurt Event
26th November 2014 – Catrin Finch Centre, Glyndwr University – Wrexham

Drop in for an hour or stay all day

Book, Attend and Grow……..its’ that simple!

Tickets are limited and on a first come first serve basis so grab your FREE tickets here

Book a FREE workshop here – Limited Places