Free Sales Tip – Develop Personal Power

Anyone can sell with the 5 P’s of Selling Success

Product – It has to be good, proven and competitively priced (which does not necessarily mean the cheapest) and you need to know how to promote its value points

Passion – You have to love what you do and it has to show! No-one wants to buy from a misery. A buyer can only get as excited about your product or service as you are. There is no place for the apologetic or lacklustre approach

Positivity – Belief in your product and yourself is essential along with belief that buyers are out there. Think about what your industry is worth and what share you have of it. People are buying in the world, they may just not be buying from you yet!

Principles – Only sell something to a buyer if it is good for them. This will be rewarded with re-sales and word of mouth referrals

Power – You have to know how to get your message across with the right sales approach

Increase your 5P’s with these actions:

  • Prove your product in the form of testimonials, statistics, facts and return on investment evidence
  • Check your price against a like for like competitor offering. If your product is more expensive you need to clearly show the difference or lower the price. A price difference has to be justified
  • Remind yourself why you love your product. Get to know it again. Look at it through the buyers eyes. If you don’t love it then sell something else
  • Check out how much your industry is worth. This will increase your positivity in the ability to find buyers and help dispel all the recession doom and gloom
  • Ask killer questions to unlock every single one of your customers needs and match them as closely as you can with the appropriate solution. If you don’t have what they need, send them to someone who has
  • Sell like a buyer not a seller. Learn the sales skills needed to sell to the modern buyer. Buy books, listen to CD’s and attend sales training courses. Selling is structured and has essential elements that need to be learnt, understood and met