Can you feel the buying FEAR


There is an element of fear in every sale for the buyer. You know what it is like; remember when you booked a holiday or bought a new laptop?

We ask ourselves…
Have I got the best deal?
Is this exactly what I need and want?
Will it last?
Is the quality assured?
Can I get it cheaper or better somewhere else?
Have I paid more than other people?

At some point we have all paid too much or bought the wrong thing. It is this memory that makes us apprehensive every time we buy. If we notice these little niggling doubts in ourselves, we can better understand the fear all buyers have.

Fear can stop buyers buying
Where there is fear, there is doubt and this can be a real stumbling block in sales. It can lead to buyers not making a decision or even cancelling appointments and orders. Buying fear is real and needs to be dealt with head on.

3 great questions to ask are…

  1. What do buyers fear about my product or service?
  2. How do I PROVE to buyers that these fears are unfounded?
  3. What can I put in my marketing material to deal with these fears?

If you work through these three questions, you will better understand your buyers’ fears and find ways to overcome their fears in order for them to feel comfortable enough to buy.

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The complete sales process in bite-sized chunks…

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