Do you want fries with that?

do you want fries with that?
Selling your existing products and services to your existing customers is the route of least resistance in sales. Plainly speaking it is the quickest, easiest and most profitable way to sell your products and services.

Whether it’s up-selling (selling a more expensive option) or across selling (selling other products in your range), maximising this area of selling will not only help you hit your targets more easily, you will also be providing better customer service to your buyers.

Consider all the customers that buy from you now. Whilst they probably don’t need everything that you sell they may need more than they are buying now and in some cases they may already be buying it elsewhere. Why is that? What can you do about it?

It’s not always just as simple as asking ‘Do you want fries with that?’ But it’s not much more complex. It’s all about establishing need, building desire and making it easy to buy.

Have a look at what your customers buy from you now and ask yourself –

  • Could they be buying more?
  • Is it possible that they are buying things you sell from a competitor?
  • How could you make it attractive enough for them to buy the additional products and services from you?

Help yourself to some quick wins by maximising every sale and giving the customer a better experience. Why wouldn’t you?