Customer Culture Your Options

We never use the same solution twice. That’s because no two organisations are alike. We’re unique because you are.

Some organisations only need half a day, some need longer or something different. With that in mind, we can’t suggest a programme for you until we know what you want to achieve, change or improve.

We know that you will want to know your options though so, as a guideline, here are some client case studies so you can see what it could be like to work with us.

Company A
Problem: Been trained before but no real change

This company had sent their people on many sales and service training courses previously but had not seen a change. Some employees hadn’t tried the tools, some had and didn’t feel like they were working and some just didn’t understand why they needed to change anything.

We ran a 1 day programme with the team to work on their mindsets to create a bigger purpose and relevance for the previous training. We knew that the team had the HOW (the training tools and capability) but they didn’t have the WHAT and WHY.

In just 1 day we helped the team find their WHAT AND WHY. They didn’t need to revisit the HOW (no need to retrain them on what they had already done) as we had created a desire to use the knowledge and training they had already had and provide a better experience for the customer.

Company B
Problem: Great product but needed help to engage buyers

This company had a great product but didn’t know how to articulate that to customers in a way that engaged them and inspired them to buy. We worked with the team for half a day looking at the product through the customer’s eyes and helping them to understand how people buy (and why they don’t). We left them with all the tools they needed to make them more attractive to buyers. Read more in Sales Superboost

Company C
Goal: To enhance the customer experience across sales and service and get their people passionate and motivated

This company wanted to create a customer centred culture where their people instinctively wanted to provide the best experience for the customer that they could. They wanted to become market leaders for their customer care. We created the following 3 day programme to help them bring their vision and values to life and make their people passionate and motivated.3 day programme: to create the right culture and mindsets, work on enhancing the customer experience and improve competence and confidence

  • Day 1 – Finding your WHY (creating the right culture and mindset)
  • Day 2 – Enhancing the customer experience (putting your WHY into action)
  • Day 3 – Enhancing your skills and capabilities (improving sales and service performance)