Create a Customer Centred Culture

We passionately believe that when it comes to your customers you need to:

Love to Serve and Serve to Sell

Whether you want to unite your sales and service teams to provide a seamless service or make one SUPER team that has the skills to do both, loving your customer is the way to go.

Love equals Loyalty which ultimately leads to Advocacy and Sales.

Why training tools alone don’t work

We know there is little point in JUST giving your people tools for how to give a great sales and service experience. They know what ‘great’ does and doesn’t look like, they see every day as customers themselves. It has to go deeper than that. They need to understand WHY they WANT to do it.

If your organisation is ready to go deeper, really love your customers and give them a spectacular experience then we’re your guys! We start by helping you to create a customer centred culture in your organisation.

We believe that to truly enhance the experience for your customer the whole customer lifecycle or journey must be evaluated. We often find that some aspects of the lifecycle are stronger than others and no two lifecycles are the same. We also know that when it comes to sales and service there is always opportunity to enhance the experience. With our approach any gaps and holes are identified and plugged, performance is improved and customer satisfaction and advocacy is increased.

During this unique holistic approach of creating a customer centred culture and analysing your customer journey, we look at each important stage to see what works and what could be improved, learning from the best and enhancing the less effective. After all, your organisation’s sales and service chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

So if you want to sell more, focus on how you show love and serve at each step of the lifecycle.

The 5 Lifecycle stages that we focus on are:

Customer Lifecycle: Attraction, Conversion, Delivery, Retention, Advocacy

Who we help

We help organisations and people that agree with following statements:

SELFI am part of a team and want to give a better service and/or sell more to my customers

TEAM – We are a team and want to help the customer with our sales and service processes in a seamless customer friendly way

BUSINESS – We want a reputation for loving our customers

YOUR CUSTOMER – I want a consistent experience and to feel loved and valued by whomever I deal with in the organisation.

Elements of Excellence

The essential elements of Enhancing the Customer Experience are:

  • Creating a customer centred culture
  • Clear processes and desired behaviours (what you do and how you do it)
  • Consistency (getting it right EVERY time with EVERY customer)
  • Evaluation (how you measure quality and consistency)

Whatever your start point is we can join your quest to enhance the customer experience at any (or as many) of the 5 stages involved.

5 Elements:

  • Find your WHY- in respect of customers (Mission)
  • Decide how you want to show the love (Values)
  • Make it a shared vision (Get everyone on board, go deeper)
  • Set the standards (Define desired behaviours, best practise systems and processes)
  • Do and Review (Deliver, measure and continuously improve)

Wish List

People often say if they attend a training course and learn one new thing that it’s been worthwhile. Well that’s not good enough for us. We want you to tick as many boxes as you need with our training which is why we offer a ‘Wish List’ design service combining elements from different subjects and blending them into a seamless learning experience. You may not see how the subjects could fit together, but you don’t have to, that’s our job. You create the wish list and we do the rest! We also don’t ‘Sheep Dip’ delegates. Not everyone needs all the training to the same level. We train those who need training on what they need to know. To achieve this we can evaluate needs and run mini-workshops that individuals from different teams and experience levels can jump in and out of.

What’s so different about Outperform?

  • We deliver results not just training
  • We provide pre-training management assessment tools to ensure each delegate understands the objective of the training and their commitment to results
  • Our trainers are practitioners too. Our trainers sell, close deals and serve. We understand from experience just how discerning the modern customer is
  • Our job isn’t complete until you see the benefits of our training. To achieve this we provide email support for one month to gain extra support and advice
  • Our Investors in People GOLD award proves that we know how to support people to succeed and develop

Trainer – Dawn Roberts (Managing Director and Principal Trainer)

The sessions will be delivered by our award winning Managing Director Dawn Roberts (formerly National Training Manager for BUPA Healthcare, responsible for the training and development of a workforce of 700+ across 3 sites).

Dawn is an inspiring and motivating speaker, trainer and coach who regularly speaks and presents at business events and writes a monthly sales advice column for several newspapers. Dawn has successfully delivered sales and service training for thousands of delegates across the UK.

Dawn helps organisations, teams and individuals to fall in love with their customers, products and processes.