An ode to Grow 2012

Dennis Richards won our “Outperform Rhyme Competition” for which the prize was a ticket to Grow 2012 June event. Following the Event he very kindly wrote this poem. We Love It!

To Dawn and Rachel – Thanks for a great day yesterday. I wrote this little ditty in appreciation:

I thought it was my lucky day
To train for a day and not pay
But money can’t measure
The value of treasure
I found in the course
I would say

I thought it was all about sales
But passion weighed more on the scales
To work from your heart
Is where you should start
And drudge will turn into play

I admit some selling’s involved
Tell ‘em how their problems are solved
And know your market
You’re planning to target
To reach them the appropriate way

I must say I came back inspired
I worked through the night, feeling wired
Social media sorted
Analytics reported
My business will grow and will stay

So thank you to Hazel and Dawn
To Caroline and Rachel and all
With this information
We’ll start innovation
Our competitors we’ll all outperform!

Dennis Richards –