At Outperform we know that the only way to be truly and consistently successful at selling is to adopt a serving mentality

Our training and consultancy services help your organisation and people focus on making the customer experience central to your sales and service.

Rather than putting the emphasis on how your organisation can SELL – concentrating on your needs and desires, our approach focuses on how you can SERVE – concentrating on the customer’s needs and desires.

Linking your company Mission, Vision and Values to the customer experience and making customer care part of your DNA will make you a magnet to customers leading to:

  • Sales through service
  • Turning customers into advocates
  • Strengthening your brand


How easy is it to use us?

It’s really easy to use our services; you can call, email, tweet or see us face to face. For open courses you can even book on-line. Simply let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll do the rest!

How do we support you and your staff to success?

We don’t train and run! We provide FREE back up support and management tools for all our courses. We guide and support you or your staff while the learning is embedded and you start to see the benefits of the training.

How do you know our methods work?

We have many case studies and testimonials to prove that our methods really work. 92% of the attendees of our courses book subsequent courses and to date we have trained in excess of 5000 delegates. We actively seek out feedback (based on a scale of 1-10) and 90% of our customers score us a 9 or 10.

How can you get the perfect solution for your business?

We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to training and we can design a course to absolutely meet your needs and achieve your goals (see Wish List Design). We can deliver your training in-house or with our half day open workshops that break the sales process into chunks, you can design your own course by attending the ones that specifically appeal to you.

In a nutshell what’s it all about?

  • We are experts in Sales and Service and also how people buy
  • We teach you and/or your staff our proven methods
  • We have open courses and tailored training
  • Just call on 01745 853 237 or email to find out more or book a place
  • We have a range of FREE tools to support the learning
  • We provide FREE 1 month back up support following training
Our Investors in People Gold award proves that we know how to support people to succeed and develop.
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